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Fist Pumper (ガッツポーズ)

"Why the fist pumps?" You may ask. Well, there is a good reason.

Remember the Comprehensive Exam that hurt my brain more then anything in my life and tortured me for two weeks? After all, all 1st ear Graduate students were tested on everything we had learned in our field and Yeah. In a twelve hour sitting, we were asked 10 impossible questions and were expected to produce well-constructed, organized, critical answers that demonstrate our grasp of the discipline.
このプログの3週間程前、わたしのことをひどく苦しめ、わたしの脳に激痛を与え続けた試験のことを覚えているだろうか? わたし自身はよく覚えている。なにせこのわたしがこの大学で5年間学んだ全ての事をテストされて、しかも12時間の間に解答不可能で、しかも教授でもとけそうもない問題を10問やらなければならなかったのだ。

While we prepared for this exam for 2 weeks, we had no classes or work assignments.... just studying all day long from early morning till late evening (usually till midnight). If we fail, we would be asked to leave the Masters Program. So you can see the tention and the pressure that we all felt.

So I finally got a letter from the Graduate Committee for the Statistics Department, telling me m results.

Many of you may have guessed what the results was. After all, didn't all the fist pumpers gave away the answer?

Yep, I passed. Now I can focuss on fulfilling remaining courses and start doing my Master's Project. There is no more major obstable for me for getting the Master's degree. I just need to give up the good grades and do my project. You know, that is a lot of relief because during the first of graduate school we were so swamped with theory classes and statistical computation class and their projects. These were very difficult courses and time demanding. Make no mistake, courses we would be taking would be difficult and time demanding as well. But we are taking less number of credits per semester, and we have no future concern about how much stuff we retain in our brain because there is no more flipping comprehensive exam! Ha!

Hence the fist pumper!


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well done!!