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Hugo turned 1! Retrospective (Part VI - Final)

In July, we invited our friends over for Hugo's first birthday party

Click Here to see all of photo and videos from an album.

We spent many hours trying to get these things together.

Masami made most of the food. I helped out with the cheese fondue.

Hugo's pictures from 0 month to 12 months, as seen on our previous blog.

I edited the pictures and videos we took at the party.

We played a game to see who can draw Hugo's face the best.

Hugo got so many presents. Thanks everyone!

Time to sing happy birthday song.

Hugo's birthday cap

Many people have wondered what Hugo is wearing on his head.

We bought at the IKEA. It's really cheap for how cute it is.

On top, we put a colored piece of paper that says Happy birthday or something similar to that.

I just love it when Hugo wears it.

World has gone sensually amok

Another absurd poster.

World has lowered its moral standards once again.
Think of what the would children/youth think of these.

Even the gentleman underneath says he's very con about it.

Hugo keeps growing

It's amazing how fast these children grow. It's been three weeks since his first birthday and he's walking... at fast pace! It's a joy to see him walk around... as well as troublesome when he starts walking and reaching to places where he should not.

Here Masami tells Hugo to pick up an object and Hugo obediently brings it to her... twice. He seems to understand what his mom is saying, which is really cool.

This isn't like a major heavy weight wrestling level, but Hugo can lift quite heavy items. That bottle is a Aloe Juice which is much more dense than regular water. It probably weighs a pound and a half (half kilo). Oh yeah, I need to mention that drawer had about 6 bottles in there. So to open the drawer in itself is a tough task for a 12 months old boy.

Las Vegas Part VIII: Visiting an old friend

One of the things we looked forward to while visiting LV was to visit our old friend--the Andersons. We love them.

Here is Hugo not knowing what is going on.
Anderson took good care of Masami and her family back in Japan and in Utah long time ago.

The Andersons also had a year and half year old son so Hugo (who was 10 months at the time) got along with him well.

Hugo turned 1! Retrospective (Part V)

For Hugo's first birthday, we made this.

We took pictures of Hugo on the same position for twelve months and stick them on the large piece of paper. This way, it's easy to see how much he has grown.

0 month.

1 month.

2 month.

3 month.

4 month.

5 month.

6 month.

7 month.

8 month.

9 month.

10 month.
We moved. So we forgot to take the picture.

11 month.

12 month.

Hugo turned 1! Retrospective (Part IV)