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Dec 23 2007... I was really excited to be on the plane from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. All I had to do was to change my flight at LA airport to Tokyo Japan. I was going to ask my girlfriend to marry me; pop the question; propose; whatever you want to call it. Wouldn't that make you anxious?

Anyway, I got off the plane expecting things to go smoothly. But when I got to LA, something went wrong. I missed my flight. Well, to explain how I missed the flight, posing few questions to LA airport will suffice. 1. Why do I have to get my luggage and check-in again if I am traveling with same airline? 2. Why are there boareds with flight schedules? 3. How come there is no map of the terminal and no security guards or nobody seem to know where all te terminals are?

Anyway I was devastated. I was told to wait till next day to see if there is an opening. I was told to get an hotel room. The airline company is not paying for it. Apparently it was "MY FAULT" that I missed the flight. Freak. I get to the hotel. Still devastated. I call my brother in Michigan. I told him call my parents and tell my girlfriend I won't be back on the day I promised her... and may be never come back for the Christmas.

An hour after I called my brother, my girlfriend calls. I told her I was sorry. She told me not worry about it and told me to get some rest. I went out to have lunch; Jack in the Box--hearty enough to get my mind of things. I turned on the TV in the hotel room and I was eating my burger. It barely started showing DIE HARD... the movie. I had never seen it. I heard so many things about it and I needed something to get my mind of stupid airlines and LA airport.

the movie was intense enough get my mind of things.

DIE HARD... GREAT MOVIE. I mean I almost pissed my pants. Is that weird? I meam why did I miss out on this great movie. I should have been a fan of it 10 years ago! okay okay... pipe down now. I know I had not seen any movie in 8 months and I may have lost my immunity to the litttle action movie but I really thought it was a great movie. It really got my mind of things for me....

So DIE HARD... helped me in the time of crisis.

Why mention this incident that happened 5 months ago?

Well, weird thing is happening. I'm going home to get married to the same girl I had proposed 5 months ago. I had not missed my flights (yet?) and I am not staying in the hotel waiting for the flight. But here I am watching DIE HARD.... 2! (more precisely, DIE HARD: WITH VEANGENCE) Can understand what may be going through my mind??

Anyway, I had not missed my flight. DIE HARD 2 is a great movie too! Now I want to watch the third one. But I sense this presentiment and I have no idea whats up.

Goodness Gracious Me

The British TV show, "Goodness Gracious Me," has a one liner sketch where the guy says rude thing to the woman at the restaurant. The woman always leaves the restaurant and the guy says "Cheque please." It was a big hit back in High School. So here are somethings you shouldn't say when you are on the date. (Or here's something you could say if you must must must must finish your date immediately... I encourage you not to tho). Why post these? well, just for a fun. Enjoy. oh and check out "Goodness Gracious Me" on youtube. They're hilarious.

Man: Er... why don't we skip desert and get out of here?
Woman: Why? what do you have in mind?
Man: Nothing. It's just that you are already fat, innit??

Man: So you must all be models, right?
Women: hahaha... What makes you say that?
Man: Well, it's because you are all thick, innit??
(thick=british slang for dumb, stupid)

Waiter: A rose for the woman you love?
Man: oh thats a good idea!
(woman smiles)
Man: Because I'll be back here after I drop you off, innit??

(waiter brings the menu)
Man: hey, I could see you like the seafood. Am I right?
Woman: Yes how did you know?
Man: I could tell as soon as I picked you up.
(woman smiles)
Woman: how?
Man: because you smell of fish, innit??

Man: It's appauling. Women shouldn't be pressured to be thin and do their hair and have the right nose and that.
Woman: Oh, gosh! Absolutely. I agree!
Man: See that's one of the great thing about you!!
(Woman smiles)
Man: You make no effort at all!!

Man: Even though we've just met, I feel I already know many things about you.
Woman: (chuckles) why do you think that is?
Man: Because I've been watching you through telescopes for months, innit??

Man: Your parents must be really beautiful people.
Woman: Ah, thank you.
Man: because it often skips a generation, innit??

Man: It's not like India. It's like, in this country when you get old, they lock them up and exclude them from society. I don't agree with that... That's why I'm with you, innit??

(Man returns from the bathroom)
Man: Allow me.
(Man help the woman take her last bite of food)
Woman: hmm... thank you. You are back. You were gone for ages. I thought you ran off with another woman.
Man: That's because I was having a d**p (#2), innit??