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Ballroom Videos

These are videos from Dancesports at the Brigham Young University between 2006 and 2007. Same videos can be viewed from [Ballroom] section in f-blood.

Note that "silver medal" and "gold medal" doesn't mean we won the medal. Medal indicates the level of the examination. In competition ballroom, dancers are judged by diverse criteria. One of them is the medal. Medal examinations enable dancers' abilities to be recognized according to conventional standards. Competition are separated by this medal (i.e. Newcomer, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Championship).

Silver Medal Cha cha routine

This cha cha routine was class performance from Dance280 for international social dance. I'm hardly visible for the first 20 seconds but after that, I can be seen pretty easily. I'm dancing with a tall blonde girl (Alysse) right behind the guy with white suit.

My partner, Alysse, was excellent partner. Alysse and her friend Tiffany (who also was dancing in this video) have been dancing for a performing group for almost 10 years. Tiffany was one time a Aeriel for Disneyland in California. They are both extremely good dancers.

Gold Medal West Coast

This is another class routine from Dance 380. I'm dancing in the row behind with a girl with red shirt and black shirt (Rebekah). Not that exciting choreography, but all the Gold Level steps are performed in this routine and we never do a basic step (which is usual at the Gold medal). I struggled through this routine but miracly I was able to do all steps without any mistakes. So I was proud of that.

Silve Medal Tripple Swing

This is from the competition. The partner is once again Alysse. We made quite far into the tournament; semi-semi final. Since Alysse and I weren't expecting to stay for long, Alysse had planned to attend practice for her performing group. So unfortunately, when we realized that we could be in the semi-semi final, we had to give up the tournament. But we were both happy with the results.

Gold Medal Mambo

This is from the competition. Partner is Rebekah. She and I were both busy with school stuff so we didn't put much effort into it. Actually, you can see in the video how crap we are doing. Just kidding. We weren't too bad. We even went to the second heat.

Bronze Medal Samba

This dance was the first time I ever did the dance competition. And this is the only dance that we won the competition. And I think we won because my partner was really really good. As you can tell, I look very awkward in this video. As I moved onto more advance dance class, I could imediately tell what I need to do better from this video.

It's not that bad as I may think it is. We won the competition after all. But there are so much more room for an improvement.


tfunai said...

Excellent, TOMO !
I enjoyed very much.