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Takuto's First Christmas Present

Hugo was a really good boy this year
so Santa gave the first Christmas present to Hugo.

This probably is the cutest video of Hugo that we have ever taken.
We've already watched this clip about 50 times (lol).

(2nd part) Takuto Hugo is 5 months old

CLICK HERE if you wish to see more pictures and videos.

Well, Hugo is now 5 months old. Now that the end of the year is approaching, I look back on the past 12 months and think, "wao. For Masami, this year has been nothing but the baby." She suffered the morning sickness all through her pregnancy and after Hugo's birth, Masami has been swamped with taking care of Hugo. But because of Masami's tremendous effort and the help of our kind friends, Hugo has been well and healthy all year. I sometimes get scared of what kind of bad things may happen to him because things are going so well for Hugo.


We went to the clinic the other day and measured his heights and weights. Below are his progress:
7.54lb to 19.9lb.
20.5 1inches to 27.0inches.

When I compare present Hugo to when he was born, I cannot stop to think he has gotten bigger (horizontally and vertically). There is almost no more spare space on his minicrib that he used to sleep in. Many of his clothes don't fit anymore. When I look at his clothes that he wore 4 months ago, I think "Wao, he was wearing this tiny clothes???" The children grow faster than I thought.


Anway, I want Hugo to continue to be healthy and as cute as he is right now. I am becoming more and more convinced that Hugo is the cutest boy in the world. I'm such a bum for saying that but I think every feels that way about their child.

Recent Events

(1) Kai's First Birthday/ 海くんの一才誕生日パーティー

Masami went to a first birthday party for Kai Sheffer. Sheffer family has been good to us in our ward. Meg made Anpan-man cake for Kai. Anpan-man comes from a Japanese popular TV show. He is every children's hero and his head is made of a sweet bread... say no more. Anpan-man's other heroes include white-bread-man and curry-pan man. The villan's name, of course, is the "baikin-man" (bacteria-man). Funny concept.

CLICK HERE for more pictures.

Anyway, Meg added very few sugar so that Kai could eat it. Sweet mom. Haapy birthday Kai!

(2) Quiner's Second Anniversary / クワイナー夫婦結婚記念日

CLICK HERE for more pictures.

We invited the Quiners to share Masami's beef stroganof (By the way, if you haven't had Masami's beef stroganof, you are missing out. It's out of the world). It turns out that it was Quiner's second anniversary so we made some surprise cakes for them. They are a cute couple that every couple should seek to be like. Happy Anniversary.


(3) Just in case you haven't noticed... the Winter has come / あ、ちなみに冬です

Yeah we all know that... after all, it's Christmas eve tomorrow. So why make such an announcement now? Well, I wanted to show you this Sprite can that was left in our car.

The can was on the verge of explosion. 破裂寸前である。

The pressure inside the can became so high due to the cold temperature and the expanded. This is how we know the Winter has come (And of course the frozen window).

CLICK HERE for more pictures.

Five months

Hugo is already on his 5th month but we have not
showed you pictures of him when he was 3-4 months old.
So here they are.

For more pictures and videos, click here.

He talks a lot now. He also seems to be able to see things
around him. He gets scared when he wakes up in the dark room.
He likes to see colorful things like books and dolls.

This was not much but I'll update more on him when we
post pictures from his fifth month.

Thanksgiving 2009

I'm falling far behind on this
but here are some pictures from the thanksgiving dinner.

For more pictures, click here.

Quiner family, our neighbor, made the turkey and ham.
Everybody else brought side dishes.
Takuto seemed to have enjoyed the food.

Masami helped make some pies that night before.
Quiner apparently spent rest of the night just cooking.
Thanks a million! They were delicious.