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Takuto's First Christmas Present

Hugo was a really good boy this year
so Santa gave the first Christmas present to Hugo.

This probably is the cutest video of Hugo that we have ever taken.
We've already watched this clip about 50 times (lol).

(2nd part) Takuto Hugo is 5 months old

CLICK HERE if you wish to see more pictures and videos.

Well, Hugo is now 5 months old. Now that the end of the year is approaching, I look back on the past 12 months and think, "wao. For Masami, this year has been nothing but the baby." She suffered the morning sickness all through her pregnancy and after Hugo's birth, Masami has been swamped with taking care of Hugo. But because of Masami's tremendous effort and the help of our kind friends, Hugo has been well and healthy all year. I sometimes get scared of what kind of bad things may happen to him because things are going so well for Hugo.


We went to the clinic the other day and measured his heights and weights. Below are his progress:
7.54lb to 19.9lb.
20.5 1inches to 27.0inches.

When I compare present Hugo to when he was born, I cannot stop to think he has gotten bigger (horizontally and vertically). There is almost no more spare space on his minicrib that he used to sleep in. Many of his clothes don't fit anymore. When I look at his clothes that he wore 4 months ago, I think "Wao, he was wearing this tiny clothes???" The children grow faster than I thought.


Anway, I want Hugo to continue to be healthy and as cute as he is right now. I am becoming more and more convinced that Hugo is the cutest boy in the world. I'm such a bum for saying that but I think every feels that way about their child.

Recent Events

(1) Kai's First Birthday/ 海くんの一才誕生日パーティー

Masami went to a first birthday party for Kai Sheffer. Sheffer family has been good to us in our ward. Meg made Anpan-man cake for Kai. Anpan-man comes from a Japanese popular TV show. He is every children's hero and his head is made of a sweet bread... say no more. Anpan-man's other heroes include white-bread-man and curry-pan man. The villan's name, of course, is the "baikin-man" (bacteria-man). Funny concept.

CLICK HERE for more pictures.

Anyway, Meg added very few sugar so that Kai could eat it. Sweet mom. Haapy birthday Kai!

(2) Quiner's Second Anniversary / クワイナー夫婦結婚記念日

CLICK HERE for more pictures.

We invited the Quiners to share Masami's beef stroganof (By the way, if you haven't had Masami's beef stroganof, you are missing out. It's out of the world). It turns out that it was Quiner's second anniversary so we made some surprise cakes for them. They are a cute couple that every couple should seek to be like. Happy Anniversary.


(3) Just in case you haven't noticed... the Winter has come / あ、ちなみに冬です

Yeah we all know that... after all, it's Christmas eve tomorrow. So why make such an announcement now? Well, I wanted to show you this Sprite can that was left in our car.

The can was on the verge of explosion. 破裂寸前である。

The pressure inside the can became so high due to the cold temperature and the expanded. This is how we know the Winter has come (And of course the frozen window).

CLICK HERE for more pictures.

Five months

Hugo is already on his 5th month but we have not
showed you pictures of him when he was 3-4 months old.
So here they are.

For more pictures and videos, click here.

He talks a lot now. He also seems to be able to see things
around him. He gets scared when he wakes up in the dark room.
He likes to see colorful things like books and dolls.

This was not much but I'll update more on him when we
post pictures from his fifth month.

Thanksgiving 2009

I'm falling far behind on this
but here are some pictures from the thanksgiving dinner.

For more pictures, click here.

Quiner family, our neighbor, made the turkey and ham.
Everybody else brought side dishes.
Takuto seemed to have enjoyed the food.

Masami helped make some pies that night before.
Quiner apparently spent rest of the night just cooking.
Thanks a million! They were delicious.

Thank you.

Thanks a trillion for visiting and supporting my homepage.
Please come again.

If you are having difficulty watching the video, CLICK HERE

The Naked General

Here is the theme song from the Japanese TV show "The Naked General" (1992-1971). I watched this show often while I was in elementary school. 日本中を放浪していたことで知られる山下清(1992-1971)のテレビドラマの主題歌である。小学校の頃、よく見ていたものだ。

This show portrays a renowned Japanese artist named Kiyoshi Yamashita (1922-1971). He is travelled on foot throughout Japan, during which he wore only a vest, garnering the nickname "The Naked General". At the age of 3, he suffered an acute abdominal disorder which, although not life threatening, left him with a mild speech impediment and some neurological damage.

Despite his hisability, Yamashita used the "Chigiri-e" method of sticking torn pieces of coloured paper together to depict the scenery he saw on his travels, and some of his most famous works such as "Nagaoka no hanabi" (below) were made in this way. Possessing eidetic memory, Yamashita usually recreated the entire scene from memory when he returned to the institution or his home. Because of this, Yamashita is often considered an idiot savant.

Nostalgic things: "Invisible Man"

This is the "Invisible Man" song from Japanese Kid's TV network.

239th Ward Halloween Party

There was a Fall festival at the Japanese Ward. Since it was the Halloween weekend, everybody dressed up. For Hugo, it was his first halloween costume. He was the Buddhist statue.

To see more pictures, click here

Masami wore the Vietnamese dress.

And I was... what is this??

Oh I see. However, I think none of the Japanese people got the idea. They were all asking me "Oh so you must be the wanted felony." Well.... it's half right... half wrong... whatever.

Lots of people put lot of effort into it. "Q" family were the rice and "natto." Perfect costume for cute couple.

Pikachu and President Obama.

Winnie the Pooh.

All the Graduate Students at the Statistics department planned to dress up as the professors. Jessica gave us the assignment couple of days before.

Too see all the pictures click here

Jessica and Dr.Colling. The charm point in the water bottle.

Taylor and Dr.Christensen. Dr.Christensen always wears a bow tie but unfortunately, we wasn't wearing one that day.

Andrew and Dr.Johnson. Dr.Johnson got his doctorate at the Harvard. So Andrew simply sticked the Harvard logo on his shirt.

Dr.Reese and Mark. Notice the hair style and the Hurley t-shirt.

Dr.Egget and I. Everyone got a good laugh out of this.

Dr.Blades and Alison. Same colored sweater and skirt.

Dr.Scott and James. Hair, glasses, face expressions... everything was perfect.

Dr.Reese (Mark) and Dr.Fellingham (Doug) throws football to each other like they do everyday.

Assignments were as follows:
Taylor = Dr. Christiansen
Jessica = Dr. Collings
Rachel = Dr. Neeley
Allison = Dr. Blades
Brad = Dr. Engler
Ryan = Dr. Tolley
Mark = Dr. Reese
Doug = Dr. Fellingham
James = Dr. Scott
Ken = Dr. Grimshaw
Andrew = Dr. Johnson
Tomo = Dr. Eggett
Angie = Dr. Whiting
Serena = Dr. Schaalje
Scott = Dr. Lawson
Erika = Ruth
Heidi = Kathy
Michelle = Sis. Nielsen

Can't Watch the Video?

blip.tv has fixed its sites and videos are now viewable.

blip.tv has had some technical issues. So thats why you have not been able to watch any of the videos I post here and on other sections of my website. It should be coming back soon so check back later!!

Takuto is 3 months old

This week, Hugo became 3 months old. And he has grown so much this month. He is now 16lb and 26.3 inches tall. One of our friends has 6 months old baby, but Hugo is definitely bigger.

For more pictures and video, click here

Hugo mumbles a lot. He also laughs a lot which makes both of us happy. It makes me not want to go to school in the morning. He also says "ya" to us on a good timing. For example, when we say things like "Hugo, it's time for you to take a bath" and "Hugo, are you hungry?", he sometimes says "ya." I'm sure it's just a pure coincidence but that just makes Hugo even cuter.

Recently, Masami tells me that Hugo looks like a statue of Buddist monks when Hugo's sleeping and doesn't move a bit. Initially, I thought Masami was going crazy but I'm starting to agree. He does look like a Buddhist monk statue.

Hugo also has developed some habbits. He likes to raise his arms and stare at it for long long long time and he follows his mom and dad by turning his head. We sometimes have to watch out because his head turns to much--almost to the point that he might break his neck.

Statistics Rockband

Last year, professors and the graduate students had the Rock Band & Pizza party. This year once again had the Rock Band but it was the Beatles Rock Band.

But I mean... this is just funny, don't think?
(From left: Jessica, myself, Dr.Collings and Dr.Neeley)

To see more picture

The only thing that is not different from last year is the pizza.

We made Dr.Fellingham sing. We had a blast.

Chaplin Series: Dictator

This is the "Dictator" movie. Aside from being funny, Chaplin always tries to bring strong message from his stories.

Here is the climax of the movie where Chaplin is mistaken as Hinkle (dictator character in the movie for Hitler) and is forced to give a declaration in Osteritch (Austria). Apparently, when this movie was made, Hitler was still alive.

Us these days (最近の船井家)

The semester started almost 2 months ago. I've been busy with my Master's Project prospectus. I also had few midterm that kept me busy for past few weeks. However, I still do believe this year is a lot better than last year; I'm doing fine in school even with Hugo in our home.

For more pictures and videos, click here

You may be wondering what my wife does while I am at school. Of course, she takes care of Hugo of the day. However, recently she's been doing a lot of baking with the Japanese wives that live in the Wymount Apartments. So Masami has been doing some recreational stuff. And since we bought the car this summer and Hugo is starting to build his muscle on his neck, she can now go almost wherever she wants to go. As a husband, I am at peace.

Hugo is....well, he is just adorable. You'll probably freak out if you see me how much I adore my son.

Recently, "S" family asked if we wanted the BYU football game. Masami had never been to the football game in her life so we took it without hesitation. Family S even babysat Hugo. We were at the game for only about 2 hours but we were able to see few touch downs and the marching band. Masami saw everything she had to see at the football game. When we went to pick up Hugo, he welcomed us with big smile. What a cute son.

For more pictures and videos, click here

I plan on writing about my Master's Project sometime. I think it will interest a lot of you especially if you are a members of the Church.

Chaplin Fights

Here is a fight clip from Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights." When I first saw this fight for the first time as a child, I laughed like there is no tomorrow. And still today, I would laugh to this clip.

The story behind the fight is that Chaplin falls in love with a blind girl who makes a living from selling small flowers on the street. She was about to lose her home and Chaplin pretends that he's the rich man and tries to get earn quick money so that she doesn't lose her home.


One of my favorite part is at 4:08.

CES Fireside

ん? ここはなんだ?
Hmm? Where is this place?

Oh yeah this is the CES (Church Education System) Fireside.

Wait a second...

Can it be....???

What in the....

Wow, wow... what are you trying to do boy???


Was this for real??

3週間程前に、末日聖徒イエス・キリスト教会のCES Firesideの全世界衛生放送でエレイン・S・ダルトン姉妹がお話をした。その時に開会の祈りをする素晴らしい機会があった。
3 weeks ago, Sister Elane S. Dalton spoke at the CES Fireside for the Church of JEsus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And I had the honor of offering a opening prayer.

If you want to see the whole broadcast, click here.
Then click "Watch Now"
『Watch Now』をクリックしてください。

まず最初に言っておくが、私が教会で仕事してはしてはいない。友人達Facebookやメール等で教会で働いているの?というメールがいくつかあったからだ。じゃ、どうやって、祈りを頼まれたか?っていうと、実は司会をやっていたのが、私のステーク会長で(CES Firesideは大体はステーク会長が司会する)、彼から直接祈りのアサインメントを受けただけなのだ。だから、別に中央幹部の誰かを知っているわけでもないのだ。ただ単にメールもらっただけだ。
I must tell you in the outset that I don't work for Church. Some of my friends have been asking me how I got to prayer at the fireside. It's just that my Stake President was asked to conduct the meeting and he simply gave me the assignment. So nobody in the Church Headquarters knows me enough to give me and assignment.

I think it's quite obvious that I became nervous right after I read the email (and me rushing to the bathroom). The sense of responsibility weighed heavily on me by the fact that I'm not only praying in front of General Authorities and thousands of BYU students, but also in front of church members throughout the world.

Click here for more pictures and videos

When we got the the Marriot Center, the floor director first asked me to stand in front of the podium so that they could adjust the height of the podium and microphone position and put it into computer memory. This means I don't even have to touch the microphone. This is easy, I thought!

We got there an hour before the broadast. And the choir was doing their last practice. Sister Dalton, who was the speaker that night was shaking hands with lots of people who came early to get good seats. I wanted to meet her but there were too many people so I just took the picture.

After few minutes, Masami and I decided to go to the bathroom before the broadcast. I finished my business and waited for Masami outside the lady's room. Then I saw Sister Dalton walking down the hallway with other General Authorities. I said "Hello, Sister Dalton." She then shook my hands with both hands and with smiley face, she greeted me, then walked away. I felt lucky but I felt sorry for Masami.

Mainly, I concentrated on being still so that I don't attract unnecessary attention, and I was able to successfully offer a prayer.

ビックリしたのはダルトン姉妹が話しを始めるまえに聖歌隊に感謝の気持ちを示したあと、僕の方に身体を向けて、『Thank you for that wonderful prayer.』と言ってくれた。その直後に、友人達が送った『TVでてるよ!!』という着信メールがズボンの中にある携帯にバイブレイトで6回程、『ブーッ、ブーッ』となっていたのはダルトン姉妹には決して言えないであろう(笑)。
What I really was surprised was that Sister Dalton thanked the choir before she began her talk. She then turned around to me and said "... and thank you for that wonderful prayer." Little did Sister Dalton know that my friends, who saw me on TV or at the stadium, texted me all at the same time and my cell phone was vibrating crazily for a while.

After the closing exercise, Sister Dalton said "I as really touched by your beautiful prayer. Thank you so much for blessing me. It's a wonderful privilege to know you." Then she gave Masami a big hug. Now that she got a hug and I got handshake, Masami and I were even. This was a wonderful opportunity for both of us. Thanks Stake President!

Even so, although she had the prompter, she did a great job in front this large audience.