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Washington DC: Miscellaneous 1

Ok, you'll only get this joke if you know and speak Japanese.

Here is something we saw while transporting from airport to hotel.


(That HD read from sideways looks like it says "Erotic" in Japanese)

Hugo runs in place

This is something Hugo likes to do a lot lately.
I don't know what he is trying to say but it's very cute.

Helmet Removal

The day has come when Hugo has to remove his helmet. Usually, parents are glad to take helmet off their children but that doesn't seem to be the case for us. Hugo was just too cute for it.

For those who are uninformed, the helmet was for alignment of his head structures (Plagiocephaly, or flat head, is what professionals calls it). Hugo wore two helmets. First helmet was from his 7 months to 11 months and second helmet was from 12 months to 15 months.

Click HERE to see the photo albums.

We'll miss the helmet. Years from now, Hugo will look at pictures and videos and these and might wonder why in the world he was wearing the blue helmet all the time. Who knows?

Hugo likes to Shake the Cups

If are viewing from the Facebook, you won't be able to view this video.
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Las Vegas Part IX: Temples

(1) Las Vegas Temple

There is a temple in Las Vegas also, so we took a short visit.

Click HERE to see the photo albums for Las Vegas Temple.

You get here by driving uphill for 20 minutes from the Strip

Unfortunately, it was closed for Sabbath day.

(2) St. George Temple

This is the St. George temple.
You find it on the way from Utah state to Nevada state.

Click HERE to see the photo albums for St. George Temple.

It's a good stop for a long drive.
They also have a visitor's center where there's a big statue of Christ.

Coming Soon: Downtown

Here is the trailer video.

So this series in my blog is called "Washington DC." But to be 100% honest with you, the Gaylord National Hotel and the National Harbor that I've shown you in the previous parts were in Maryland, not in DC. In part 1, I've shown you a video and some pictures but the Ronal Reagan Airport turned out to be in Airlington, Virginia. In short, I have not even shown you one pixel of Washington DC yet. Sorry.


... and so yes, starting from next time, we'll get to see the real Washington DC.

Updates: Masami's Cooking & Endless Journey

There are two updates on the website:

(1) Masami's Cooking

There are 10 new entries.

(2) Endless Journey

4 new destinations were added.

Video Improvement... for now.

On my website, I use blip.tv to upload and post my videos. blip.tv is highly reliable, flexible, and versatile provider. However, in the recent days, I've experienced significant drop in the quality of videos that I upload. I've tried uploading the same videos with different file extensions but none of it seems to solve the problem. Finally, I resorted to uploading the vides to the youtube.com. Youtube still lowers my video qualities but it's still better than the blip.tv's current conditions. But like I said, blip.tv is far superior to youtube, so as soon as the problem is solved, I'll transfer videos back to blip.tv.


So anyway, all the Washington DC videos were low qualities so I'm posting those pictures again in case you want to see the higher quality videos. By the way, I've already changed the videos on the old posts to the youtube.


Video "Travel to Washington DC."

Video "Gaylord National Hotel."

Video "National Harbor."

Washington DC (Part 3): National Harbor

Gaylord National Hotel is located inside the sightseeing spot called
National Harbor, located right by the Potomac river.

Click HERE to see the photo albums for National Harbor.

A huge glass building shown on top is
the Gaylord National Hotel that I wrote about last time.

Here is the video.

"The Awakening" sculpture by J Seward Johnson. It was originally installed at
Hains Point (East Potomac Park), Washington, D.C. in 1980 for
the International Sculpture Conference Exhibition.
J・シュワード・ジョンソン作の彫像『The Awakening』。

We thought it will be fun to put Hugo into the mouth but he was too scared to go in.
He definately knew what was going to happen to him.

We were fortunate to have nice weather so we could see the nice sunset.

Port at night.

We don't see these in Japan there was a Peeps store with all kinds of paraphernalias. You can see a little of bit of this store at the end of video I posted above.

Click HERE to see the photo albums for Peeps Store.

There were also "Mike and Ike" and "Hot Tamale" sections.
Peepsだけではなく、「Mike and Ike」(上の写真)や
「Hot Tamale」というゼリービーンズのセクションもあった。

Washington DC (Part 2): Gaylord National Hotel

As I wrote in part 1, the primary purpose of this trip was for my work.
Many from throughout the US had gathered here at
the Gaylord National Hotel for the steering meeting.

CLICK HERE for the album.

The hotel is right by the Potomac river; 30 minutes drive from downtown Washington. The hotel offers many beautiful conference hall and rooms so many companies come here to hold meetings. Even the company where Masami used to work for before she married me is going to be holding conference at the Gaylord National Hotel next year.

The meetings went on for two days and half so all the while, Masami and Hugo toured around the hotel and the National Harbor (which I plan to talk about on the next episode).

These hotels remind me of Las Vegas Hotels but I think this hotel is more elegant.

No rain or storm during our whole visit. The temperature was about 82F (28C); slightly hot.

Video (if you are viewing from facebook, you won't be able to watch this).

Hugo stares at the escalator which he's seen it for
the first time since he learned to walk.

There was a pool at the hotel but I didn't have time to go
so Hugo played around the little fountain area by the pool.