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Why I'm not excited

With the passing of the Godron B. Hinckley, last President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the mormon church), the Church picked new President of the Church and the new Councilors. The new President is Thomas S. Monson from Utah, and his counselors are Henry B. Erying from New Jersey and Dieter F. Uchtdorf from Germany. The Church will be announcing the new member of the Twelve Apostles soon.

I must warn in the outset that the Church itself doesn't actually pick these people to the position. All the authorities and the leaders of the Church are chosen by Revelation. The mormons usually use the phrase "God called these people" implying that God had his special reason to pick people as leaders of the Chuch to accomplish his divine purpose.

Now, with the calling ("calling" refers to the giving of the position or the responsilibities of the Church to a person) of the new Church Presidencies, many members voiced their excitement, especially about the fact that Dieter F. Uchtdorf, a German member, became the new member of the Presidency. This is the first time in the history of the Church when somebody who is not American was to be called as a member of the Presidency. This was a historical event. So you can see why so many members, especially German mormons got really excited.

Somebody asked me today "Aren't you excited for the new Presidency?"

My answer is "NO."

My friend thought that I was really excited but for some ODD reason, I'm trying to keep my calm and trying to be cool about it. I let him be and think whatever about it. I let him think "hmmm TOMO is a weird person." As a matter of a fact, I really don't care how he thinks.

BUT, But, But, WHY NOT TOMO?? why aren't you excited???

oh, the cry of my fans... (<--- perhaps I am ODD)

MAKE NO MISTAKE... Although I'm not excited about it, I DO CARE. There is a clear distinction between saying "I'm excited" and "I care." Actually, there is a BIG difference. Please allow me to explain.

First of all, we (the mormon) do not aspire for the leadership. Aspiring for the leadership, I believe, is another form of pride and is dangerous to us spiritually. Of course, we aspire to be a "GOOD" leader once we have the responsiblility, meaning we do our best of our ability to fulfull our responsibilities.

If I say "I'm excited that German mormon had become a member of the First Presidency", it gives a wrong impression. It sounds like position is all it matters in the Church.

We believe that God calls people to lead people. We believe that new members of the Presidency to be the Prophet, Seer and the Revelators. They are to be the watchmen on the tower. Because the watchmen on the tower can see afar off, they can warn us of danger. So it is us with the Prophets, Seers and Revelators. They receive revelation from God about the spiritual danger and they warn and give us the right way to avoid the danger.

I'm not excited about the calling of the new Presidency. I simply "care" because it is my personal outward expression of my determination to pledge my life and my obedience to accomplish Lord's purpose. I recognize them as new Prophet, Seer and Revelator... NOTHING ELSE. I'll watch for their warning. I'll listen to what they tell us. And I have recommited myself to follow the Prophet of the Lord. My attitude is not an mere excitement; it is a attitude of serious commitment hammered to the essential things of life.

That's just the way I am. I certainly don't react to things excitingly. I suppose myself to be very reserved when it comes to reactions. Somebody who interviewed me once told me I am like that because I've travelled so much and seen so much that it's hard for you to be excited or be suprised. And I think he is right. I've seen so much.

So there you have it. I hope that clarifies few things for some of you.

Five's "Invincible"

The one of the British CD I had bought was the Five's "Invincible" album. Okay, yeah they are UK pop band just like the backstreet boys. But for a teenager like me almost 10 years ago, it was a big hit. Plus it's a catchy.

I remember very vividly when I heard this song for the first time, Oli Hager was dancing to it in the common room in the Wargrave Boarding house in UK. I thought it was prettty cool however, I had totally forgot about the song until I was visiting London with my brother Kiyo and found the CD in one of the retail stores in Leicester Square (cool place for young people to hang out). It was on sale for flipping 4.99 GBP (equivalent of US$10--what, still expensive? well, that's pretty cheap for England. Get some culture?) So I bought it. They best song on the CD, of course, was "Keep on Movin."

Five (originally spelled 5ive) are a British boy band that was put together in early 1997 by the same team who formed the Spice Girls. They enjoyed fair success worldwide, but particularly in the UK, parts of Europe, Russia, parts of Asia, Brazil, Israel and Australia. They disbanded on September 27, 2001, after selling close to 20 million records, and having 11 top ten singles and 4 top ten albums in the UK. Four of the five original members briefly reformed the group on September 27, 2006, but only 7 months after announcing a comeback, Five made an announcement via their official website they would again disband.

"Keep On Movin'" was the second single from this British Boyband Five's second album Invincible. Released in late 1999, the song became the first number one in the United Kingdom for the group.