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Us these days (最近の船井家)

The semester started almost 2 months ago. I've been busy with my Master's Project prospectus. I also had few midterm that kept me busy for past few weeks. However, I still do believe this year is a lot better than last year; I'm doing fine in school even with Hugo in our home.

For more pictures and videos, click here

You may be wondering what my wife does while I am at school. Of course, she takes care of Hugo of the day. However, recently she's been doing a lot of baking with the Japanese wives that live in the Wymount Apartments. So Masami has been doing some recreational stuff. And since we bought the car this summer and Hugo is starting to build his muscle on his neck, she can now go almost wherever she wants to go. As a husband, I am at peace.

Hugo is....well, he is just adorable. You'll probably freak out if you see me how much I adore my son.

Recently, "S" family asked if we wanted the BYU football game. Masami had never been to the football game in her life so we took it without hesitation. Family S even babysat Hugo. We were at the game for only about 2 hours but we were able to see few touch downs and the marching band. Masami saw everything she had to see at the football game. When we went to pick up Hugo, he welcomed us with big smile. What a cute son.

For more pictures and videos, click here

I plan on writing about my Master's Project sometime. I think it will interest a lot of you especially if you are a members of the Church.