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Suzuki Forenza 2004

As many of you already know, we bought a car few weeks ago. Some people have asked "Is this a new car." No, it's a used car, bought with very affordable price. But I don't blame them; the car has only ran 21,000 miles so far (approximately 3400km). At first, I thought an old person must have bought it and had rarely drove it before he/she passed away. It turns out, actually, that, according to the dealer, the car was bought from an auction. So my best guess is someone went bankrupt and was confiscated. This car has never been in an accident.


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Enough about the car... We love this car though. I wanted a reliable Japanese car, and even though this is a sedan, it acts like hatchback (which we wanted but couldnt afford) because the back seat could be reclined all the way back. It feels good to drive it. No weird noise, no scratch yet. A friend mine took a good look at the engine and said that it's almost in the perfect condition. We were so lucky.