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There was only one place that I wanted my mother-in-law, who came to Utah for the first time, to see in Utah; the Salt Lake City Temple and the Temple Square. The Hess couple took us there. Thanks!


It becomes so usual once you get used to living in Utah, but for the first-timers the fact that the Church buildings are everywhere seems to be a mind blowing. My mother-in-law would scream "Look, look!! There's church building here and more church building there!!" every time we transport to somewhere with a car. Sure, when I visited Utah for the first time, I was blown away by the fact that there were so many church buildings and that there is a Salt Lake Temple right in my eyes.


Click here to see more pictures and videos

Now that I think about it, the first time I ever visited Utah was 8 years ago; a Summer before the Winter Olympics in Utah. I was going to a high school in England at the time, and I was contemplating on going to Brigham Young University for my College and I wanted to make a visit. So using the long Summer break from school, I flew from England to Chicago, and then Chicago to Utah. By the way, at that time, my parents were living in Singapore, so once I was done visiting Utah, I flew to California, then to Japan, and then to Singapore. Then when the Summer break finished, I flew from Singapore to Bangkok, and then to England. So I made a Around the World
trip that Summer.


My oldest brother Katsu had also finished his missionary service in Nevada state, so he met me up in Utah to look around. Man, it really has been 8 years?


Anyway, I'm trailing off... We first did a session at the temple, then we toured around the Temple Square. Aya served her mission in Temple Square so she escorted all areas in the limited time. Thanks! My mother-in-law made sure she took plenty of pictures to remember the good time she had.


And of course, on the way home, we was still shouting "Look, look!! There's more church builing!!" Now that is Utah!



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