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On 3 August, My mother-in-law Mihono flew back to Japan (Thanks to Justin for the ride). Mihono had been here since 4 July; that makes a month stay in Utah. Her purpose of coming to Utah was to help with our baby so she could not get around Utah much. We were, however, able to visit Oquirrh Mountain temple open house and do a session in the Salt Lake City Temple (I plan on posting these later sometime). SO I'd say she had fair amount of touring.


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Mihono did so much things for us: laundry, bathing Hugo, changing diaper, etc, while I was at school doing some work. But I think she helped my wife more than she helped Hugo. Her just being there helped Masami stay relaxed mentally.



It seems like there is a hole in our house now that she is gone. But we both feel that this is our reality and we need to face it. Thanks Mihono!