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Friday Night??

I just have to write this somewhere. There are two facts I want to illustrate:

FACT 1: some people on the earth just simply have busier schedules and more daily tasks they need to accomplish than others at a given time or at a given span of time. Nice and straightforward right? Makes sense.

FACT 2: there is a cultural difference in the perception about the days of the week. Generally, in US weekends are for taking a break, especially on Sunday (Christians) and on Friday nights (youngsters who have school). On the other side, some countries like China and Singapore see weekend as days get catch up or stay ahead of their academic or business endeavours. Some people just sees things differently than others. Make sense? Yeah it totally does.

So my complaint is this. If I said I need to study on Friday nights and Saturday nights, don't make fun of me, or tell me that i am anti-social or I study too much. I get annoyed. In fact, I get darn upset.

If I go to school fulltime, have two jobs, and be in charge of the fundraise, of course I would get busy. It just happens by the laws of the nature (example of FACT 1). and I see weekends are my perfect opportunity to catch and try to stay ahead of things (example of FACT 2).

Those who wants to take breaks on weekends can take all the breaks they want. Heck I take break on weekends too. But please please please please don't make fun of me (even jokingly) when I have to spend weekend studying. Please learn to respect that.

If you think I am lame for studying on the weekend and should be going on dates instead, then I'd say I go on dates whenever I want to. I don't have to go on dates every weekend. I'm not that desperate. Please tell me how often I should go on date. Dating is somewhat overrated at BYU anyway.

sigh...That felt good. Now I can go back to studying. Thanks for reading
Written 9:58PM FRIDAY!!