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Las Vegas trip (Part 1)

We went to visit Las Vegas for six days.
Last time I personally visited LV was in yr 2003.

Masami did really well on the freeway considering the fast she has not driven on the freeway that much. However, the person who worked the hardest was Hugo. Way to go for persevering!

We stayed at Masami's old boss' place for two days and we stayed at Circus Circus hotel for four days. Last time I visited LV, I was under 21 so my friend made all arrangements for hotels and shows but this time, we managed to do everything by ourselves. We found really cheap hotel rates, coupons and discounts for many restaurants and shows so we had lots of fun.
正美ちゃんの上司の自宅に二日巻泊めさせていただき、残りの四日はCircus Circusで泊まった。前回ラスベガス行ったときは未成年だったので、ホテル計画は友人がやったが、今回はすべて我輩たちで手配。こんなに安くていいの??っていう値段でCircus Circusに泊まれたし、色んなクーポンも見つけて、レストランとかアトラクションも見れた。

I'm gonna show you LV in series. Today is just part 1, I'm only showing you the entrance sign of LV at north and south entrance of the strip.

You can miss the north sign very easily. Of course, we found lots of "drive in and get married" places.