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Updates on Hugo (拓賢君のアップデート)

I feel bad writing the blog now because Masami has been so busy taking care of Hugo and she doesn't even have time to write her own blog. Nevertheless, for Masami (as well as for everyone), I'm giving you updates on Hugo.

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Time goes so fast; Hugo is now 2 months old. My school started two weeks ago but Masami is now looking after the baby from morning till night. So she is tired everyday. We set our goal to bathe Hugo by 6pm every night. But by the time we eat our dinner, it's already 9pm. The night passes so fast for us. I don't think I could have never completed my first year graduate school if we had the baby last year.

Lately, Hugo smiles a lot. Until few weeks ago, he only smiled for a half second (apparently, for infants that are 0 to 1 month old, the baby doesn't see or sense any exterior activities. So the infants only smiles when there's some sort of chemical reaction in the brain that triggers the baby to smile). I think Hugo is starting to see lots things. He smiles when we pick him up from crib. He smiles when we bathe him, etc.. Watching Hugo smile makes both Masami and I so happy.

I also think Hugo has grown so much lately. He already weigh 15lb and his height has increased by 5 inches. I'm guessing he has my genes. We know that Hugo's height is at 98th percentile. We are hoping that he'll grow taller and taller.


rantipoler said...

Oh, Tomo, he's adorable! I'm so happy for you guys to have such a sweet baby. :)