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Young Men Activity (若い男性の活動)

Young Men in the Japanese ward had an activity. The activity was quite simple. Eat pizza and chips and play video games. It was awesome. Sheffer family offered their home for our activity. Men were just left with pizza, ginger ale, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games, SNES games and bord games. We all felt like 16 years old again.

Ladies went to Bob Lamb's house for chatting. They said had fun but I doubt that they had more fun than we did and that they felt like 16 years old again. I mean, we blew up buildings, killed each other, we dropped fire balls on each other... what else can be more fun??

More pictures are available on [Endless Journey] section of our [f-blood].
これらの写真はいつでも[f-blood]のサイトの[Endless Journey]のセクションで見られます。