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FIVE GUYS (ファイブ・ガイズ)

Last weekend, Quiner family and we went to the Five Guys in Orem. Five Guys is a fast casual restaurant chain that originated in Arlington, Virginia. They sells mainly hamburgers and french fries. The burgers are made straight from scratch and mot locations offer free in-the-shell peanuts for patrons to eat while they wait for their food to be cooked, which seems very particular for a fast food restaurant. More pictures are available on [Endless Journey] section of our [f-blood].
先週の週末にクワイナー家と一緒にオレム市にあるファイブ・ガイズに行ってきた。ファイブ・ガイズとは、元祖がバージニア州アーリングトン市のファースト・フードである。主にバーガーとフライドポテトを食べれるところである。バーガーはその日当日にフレッシュで作られ、フライドポテトはピーナッツ・オイルで揚げているらしい。しかも、オーダーが来るまで、ピーナッツが食べ放題なのである。ファーストフードにしては、結構こだわりのある店である。他にもたくさん写真が[f-blood]のサイトの[Endless Journey]のセクションで見られます。

Masami's sister told us about this place and we've been wanting to go for a while. Thanks to the Quiners. The burgers were great. As Masami would say, "A tasty burger with lots of vegetables". To be honest, though, my personal favorite fast food places are Jack in the Box and any place that sells real Döner kebab in Europe. Don't get me wrong; Five Guys is definately a fun place to go, their services are great and the burger tastes are way above average. I would actually encourage my friends to go if they haven't.