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Do you remember video arcades (A.K.A. Game Center in UK and Japan) that you used to go when you were little? Do you remember the Donkey Kong Game? Street Fighter 2? Galaga? Packman? Yeah, these are the classic arcade video games that we found in the arcade. They bring good memories back.

I used to love to watch some one play Street Fighter 2. I rarely played at the video arcade though. I never spent my allowance on the video arcade. Yeah, in other words, I was cheap.

Video Arcades are found in many places in Japan. More than often we find bunch of adults spend all day in the video arcade. In London, we can find a big "game center" at Leicester Square close to the Empire Cinema. Again, it was not hard to find adults spending all day in there.

But I am yet to see as big video arcades in America. All I have seen so far is the nickelcade or entertainment center which cost $5-10 to enter (and then pay more money for each individual arcade). But I'm sure there are many big video arcades in America.

These videos are from the game center in the hotel we stayed for the New Year 07-08 in Japan. We were just playing around and we found ourselves being 15 years younger. These videos are available on a photo album called "Japan, Christmas and Engagement 2008" on [Endless Journey] section of our [f-blood].
これらのビデオは[f-blood]のサイトの[Endless Journey]のセクションの「Japan, Christmas and Engagement 2008」というアルバムで見られます。

What it looked like inside

Japanese Drum Game

Aligator Game