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Las Vegas Part XI: MGM Grand

This is the second largest hotel resort in Las Vegas, MGM Grand.

Click HERE for photo album.

The trademark symbol for this hotel is obviously the lion statue. This thing is bigger than it appears in many movies and TV shows, which surprises many people.

Lion being the trademark for this hotel means, of course, you can see lions for free inside the hotel. Unfortunately, the lions were taking a nap... all of them were. I felt pretty bad for Hugo. He's never seen a lion/tiger before.

Wait... now that I think about it, I bet Hugo will just cry and scream if he sees lion/tiger. Never mind. Good thing they were asleep. When we went to National Zoological Park in Washington DC (3 months after we visited Las Vegas), he could not stand lions 30 yards away.
いや、まてよ。多分、起きているライオンちゃん見たら大声で泣きながら怖がったであろう。この間 DCの動物公園に行ったとき(ラスベガスに行った3ヶ月後)、20mはなれたライオン見ただけで大泣きした。