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Video Improvement... for now.

On my website, I use blip.tv to upload and post my videos. blip.tv is highly reliable, flexible, and versatile provider. However, in the recent days, I've experienced significant drop in the quality of videos that I upload. I've tried uploading the same videos with different file extensions but none of it seems to solve the problem. Finally, I resorted to uploading the vides to the youtube.com. Youtube still lowers my video qualities but it's still better than the blip.tv's current conditions. But like I said, blip.tv is far superior to youtube, so as soon as the problem is solved, I'll transfer videos back to blip.tv.


So anyway, all the Washington DC videos were low qualities so I'm posting those pictures again in case you want to see the higher quality videos. By the way, I've already changed the videos on the old posts to the youtube.


Video "Travel to Washington DC."

Video "Gaylord National Hotel."

Video "National Harbor."