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Washington DC (Part 2): Gaylord National Hotel

As I wrote in part 1, the primary purpose of this trip was for my work.
Many from throughout the US had gathered here at
the Gaylord National Hotel for the steering meeting.

CLICK HERE for the album.

The hotel is right by the Potomac river; 30 minutes drive from downtown Washington. The hotel offers many beautiful conference hall and rooms so many companies come here to hold meetings. Even the company where Masami used to work for before she married me is going to be holding conference at the Gaylord National Hotel next year.

The meetings went on for two days and half so all the while, Masami and Hugo toured around the hotel and the National Harbor (which I plan to talk about on the next episode).

These hotels remind me of Las Vegas Hotels but I think this hotel is more elegant.

No rain or storm during our whole visit. The temperature was about 82F (28C); slightly hot.

Video (if you are viewing from facebook, you won't be able to watch this).

Hugo stares at the escalator which he's seen it for
the first time since he learned to walk.

There was a pool at the hotel but I didn't have time to go
so Hugo played around the little fountain area by the pool.


Katsu said...

We've visited (but never stayed) Gaylord hotels in Nashville and Dallas. They are pretty impressive. I didn't know they had one in DC. I also went to DC for a conference 5 yrs back.