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New Year 2008

Masami and I visited San Jose for the Christmas and the New Year for '08-'09. To see the photo albums, go to "Endless Journey" section of the website, or click here. We invited missionaries for the Christmas dinner. One missionary was from Virginia and one was from Haiti. Great and fun missionaries.

For the New Year, we were invited to Aki's parents (my brother-in-law's parents) house. Aki's father works at the Benihana so we had nice sushi for the New Year meal! Awesome. Couple of days after the New Year, we took a short trip to San Francisco. It was my first time and we only had 4 hours to enjoy. We went to pier, golden bridge and the steep hills at downtown.

My stayed in California longer than I did because she hoped to get over her morning sickness before she returned to Provo. We would separated for 3 weeks. Plus, she would have her sister to help her.

Ever since Masami and I started dating, there have been many occasions where we had to be apart from each other for a long time; each time at least a months. The longest was 6 months. But we continue to build even stronger relationships despite difficult times. We are grateful for many families and friends who support us.