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Masami's birthday

Since Masami was in California for her birthday, we had a late birthday celebration for Masami. We went to the Tucano, the Brazilian restaurant. At Tucanos, they have salad bars. But more importantly, they bring meat to your table. Meat that have been cooked just few seconds ago. They bring BBQs, steaks, ribs, turkey, etc. If you ever get a chance to go to Tucanos, you better wear loose pants.

Tucano's also offer birthday discounts. If you visit during your birthday month, then the meal is 2 for 1. There is no better deals than this.

So my wife and I went there but I went with a little suprise; a wedding photo book. Too see the full photo album, visit "Endless Journey" section of this website, or click here. We've always wanted to have a photo book for our wedding. While Masami was in California, I talked with my friend who is in the photography business. He said to try out MyPublisher.com.

This site is amazing. They let your design your book from scratch to the end. And the only cost in the printing and the shipping cost. It's definately worth it.

Anyway, this was my suprise to my birthday. It was been 6 months since we got married. we pray that our relationship will last throughout the eternities.