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My wife and her new life

My wife is starting to get used to the new life in Provo. She attends English class every Tuesday night. We go to the temple hen the time permits. The Stats Grad program is really intense. They expect us to work 20 hours doing teaching/research plus 55 hrs a week doing HW or studying outside of the class. It's difficult for us to find time to be together. Sunday is really when I can relax and sleep in.

Well, the purpose of this blog was not to brag that I am a busy guy all the days of my life. So here are some things we did lately. We invited my friend ho just returned from her mission in Greece. We made curry and chocolate fondue. She brought with her Japanese friend so Masami could talk as well.

We also went to the Wymount social last week. What we really went for was the free food; hot dogs, ice cones, sugar canes, cookies, etc. The social was mainly for the kids in the family housing so we didnt expect much exciting.

Oh yeah my wife is really into cooking. She not only cooks dinner, she cooks my breakfast and lunch everyday. Sometimes I feel guity for making her do everything for me. She really likes to bake though. Last time I blogged, I posted a picture of breads she made. She's really into it; and they're really good.

She also likes crafting which makes our home more entertaining. I feel blessed with be with her. Things around my house is brighter. I'm trying my best to do my part. That's why I always maximize the amount of time I spend with her. Recently we enjoy walking together to random places.

We are happy here. A quiet peace before the Stats Storm hits in 3 or 4 weeks later.


Masami said...

Tomo! Thank you for your help and patience!