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Some of you may very well know, I've been doing semi-blog, semi-opinion page as part of my website. I intensionally chose not to use the blog provider such as blogger.com on purpose because I wanted to customize my blog design to my preference. But recently I found out that I could code my blog templates with HTML so I've implemented blogger.com into my website.

I think it's good time for me to update on my life. I got married on May 17 2008 in Japan. My wife, Masami was actually the first person to go on the date with me after I finished my mission in Idaho. Our relationships were always long distance but we are glad that we are finally together.

After we were married we were split up for 8 weeks because I had to return to Utah to continue with my school and Masami had to stay in Japan longer to finish her full-time job. It has been 3 weeks since Masami got to Provo. The orientation for the Stats Graduate PRogram started last week; reviewing the stats theory and methods class and doing the homework from 8am-5pm. Nice educational calithnetics before the program starts in September.

Masami is slowly getting used to her new lifestyle. It's not her first time to visit in America, but she has never here and she's not fluent in English so things aren't easy for her. I'm trying what I can to help her. Perhaps this is also a good time to introduce my wife those who have not met my wife.

Masami was born in Kumamoto Japan. Her family was converted as LDS when she was 5 yrs old. She went to law school and practiced law for couple of years and then she served 18 months mission in Kobe Mission in Japan. She then found a new job to do a Public Relation for a company that promote Aloe Vera products. She and I met each other when I finished my mission in Idaho. We didnt date until September 2007 when she came to visit Utah for a vacation. We were engaged on Christmas Day, December 25th 2007.

Masami enjoys cooking. She also took voice lessons from Opera singer. She likes to sow, and she loves to watch Korean movies.

And so my life is a bliss. I'm a little nervous to start my graduate school but it'll be a fine experience. I'm excited that I don't have to take the Experimental Design class and take Nonparametric class instead, because I heard the textbook and the teacher really sucks for Experimental Design class.