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Here's another song I picked up out of my iTune: "DAHLIA" by X JAPAN, released back in November 1996. This song is recorded is in the album called, DAHLIA, the same name as the song. This song DAHLIA changed how I viewed music; I can guarantee you that it can change your music perception. They even later released a single just for this song. It was that phenomenal.

Album "DAHLIA"

As you may have guessed from the band name, X JAPAN used to have some swear words but they had become more conservative due to increased variety of ages of their fans. However, X JAPAN continues to write music that are amazing in term of the music composition. They also write ballad songs that are truly soothing. When I first listened to “DAHLIA”, I had no idea the music could be so amazing.

I hate to say “DAHLIA” is a rock music because the phrase “rock” doesn’t capture the speed of the music. But I also hate to call “DAHLIA” a heavy metal or hard rock because these phrases give notation that the song has lots of screaming and meaningless sounds. “DAHLIA” is truly an art. I can listen to it all day and never get tired of it. "DAHLIA" is not normal: it's fast, complex and rocks you. Actually, this song is THE reason why I started playing drums. The drum lines are incredible.

Typical live at Tokyo Dome: more than 50,000 fans.

Unfortunately, iTune does not sell any songs by X JAPAN (ironic because many of the band members, especially Yoshiki, has composed many classical music and produced many songs for American bands and musicians). But if you happened to run in the ALBUM “DAHLIA” or the Single “DAHLIA” I suggest you give it a try. I highly recommend it.

X JAPAN ARE: TOSHI, HEATH, PATA, HIDE and YOSHIKINote: X Japan is a Japanese band founded in 1982. The band is led by the amazing leader, Yoshiki. Yoshiki plays drums and piano, but he has also produced several songs in which he played all the instruments: guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. He has also produced some orchestra pieces. Toshi, the vocalist, Hide, the lead guitarist, Pata, the rhythm guitarist, and heath, the bassist, are all well known as solo-artists. They started out as a power/speed metal band and later gravitated towards a progressive sound, at all times retaining an emphasis on ballads. X Japan disbanded in 1997. On June 4, 2007 it was announced the band would reunite with a new song released via digital download in January 2008 and live performances scheduled for March and May.