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London trip 2008

I can't believe two years have passed since I visited London last time. Here are some videos I took while I was walking all around London on foot (I think I walked about 12 miles that day).

This is the graffiti wall on Marigold Alley (by river Thames).

This place is not as ellaborate and recognized as Bansky's many graffitis, but this place is a hang out place for many gangters who like to skateboard.

This industrious building is not a factory, but a business building for Lloyd's insurance company.

This building creates a great contrast with other buildings nearby (except for, of course, the infamous egg tower--which is shown on the next video).

これがSwiss Re Building(又は、「Gherkin」、「30 St. Axe Building」)である。この建物は遠いところからでもよく見える。
This is the Gherkin/Swiss Re Building, or more publically known as 30 St. Axe building. This building is very noticeable from distance.

I found this at nearby cafe.

このSwiss Re Buildingとロイズの建物は観光者たちがよく見逃しがちな建物だとも思う。ミレニアム・ブリッジなんかより見る価値は遥かにあると思う。
I think Gherkin building and Lloyd's are two under-appreciated buildings by the tourists... These buildings are far superior to that silly Millenium Bridge.

Magnificent, innit?