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Comprehensive Exam

So here it comes. One thing that everyone was so worried about... the comprehensive exam. Let me just point out that the poster for the Comprehensive exams really screwed all of us. The flier was posted 5 weeks ago and it says the test covers stuff from all required courses (Stat535, Stat536, Stat624, Stat641 and Stat642). This we already knew. And then we were notified that the test (1) is closed book,(2) and it consists of a 3-hour closed-book section and a 5-hour data analysis section. So we thought okay, all in one-day. It'll be hard core but closed book means there is no impossible questions (since professors tend to put more difficult questions if the test is open-book).

Well, we found out that the test IS open book AND 5 hour exam and 9 hour data analysis. It's much longer! All of us was devastated. This also meant more number of impossible questions on the exam. And on top of that, the test is on both Thursday and Friday. Oh what a heck. We'll manage. But we appreciated it if the coordinator checked the poster before he okayed that 20 of these to be posted on the message boards. We are not blaming the Graduate Secretary, though. She's innocent.

Things like this is so important and accurate information must be distributed.