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Café del Mar

When I lived in the boarding school in England, my next door neighbor, namely Adam Cornford, used to blast this music A LOT. And I ended up liking it. For those who are uninformed, "Café del Mar" is actually a pub located in San Antonio. The bar is quite popular among the tourists. This pub releases compilation albums with tracks selected by its own DJ. But the song that I am talking about is not included in any of their "Cafe Del Mar" complication albums (as far as I know).

The song is originally written by Energy 52. The song is easily recognized because there has been many remixes. The main melody of "Cafe Del Mar" is based on "Struggle for Pleasure" by Belgian composer Wim Mertens. Energy 52's song first made number 51 in the UK Singles Chart in 1997, but it also hit the whole Wargrave House (thats the name of one of the boarding house).... HARD!

I swear at least 3 guys had this song blasting even when they were not in their rooms. During the prep time (7pm-9pm are assigned homework time in our school... everybody must do their homework during this time), it was all "Cafe Del Mar." oh by the way, UK has some cool HiFi's.

I don't fancy techno music as I used to when I was around 13-15 yrs old but this song is still on my favorite list. The best part of the music is only 40 seconds out of the 9 minutes but the whole song builds up to that best part like crescendo, and that makes this song a good one.

The song is downloadable form iTune. Just search under "Cafe Del Mar" or "Energy 52." If you just want the best part of the music, there is a remix for that part. IT's about 2 min 44 sec. The original is 9 min 00 sec. ENJOY.